Wasps vs Harlequins ***COMMENTARY SPECIAL***

Evans, flicks it out to Lowe. Brought down by Nathan Hughes. Johnson piles in but he’s off his feet, penalty to Harlequins. Evans with the strike and it’s a beauty.

Wasps have the advantage with them. This is Wade’s ball and he’s bursting down the touchline and h… OH!!! He’s been taken out of play by Hopper but we will come back for the advantage. Goode slots the kick with no problems at all.

This game is being taken over by ruck penalties and their is another one from Johnson and that’s given Quins the free shot at goal and it’s a definite 3 points.

Brown, takes it into contact. It’s been ripped by Joe Simpson. SIMPSON SPRINTS DOWN THE BLINDSIDE AND DIVES OVER THE LINE FOR THE FIRST TRY OF THE MATCH!!! Goode slots the conversion and Wasps lead.

Quins on the attack now through Care. Brown quick hands to Tikoratuma who flicks it out to Charlie Mathews who will finish it off.


Marland Yarde’s  shoulder injury in the first half has made it unlikely that he will play the second period. However he still comes back onto the pitch with the rest of the team.

Robson, pick and go. Goode comes in, round the side though, penalty to Harlequins. Evans slices the kick but it skims the post and goes in. A bit of fluke from Evans extends Quins lead.

Evans, he’s been involved so much in this match, put’s the kick over the top of Simpson for Yarde but it’s never bothering anyone apart from the touchline.

Again the ball with Evans who clears downfield. Awkward bounce though and Quins still on the attack. Tikoratuma offloads to Brow… he’s dropped it.

Goode clears into the hands of Lowe. Simpson misses the tackle and he’s still attacking. OH! It’s all for nothing though as Evans enters the ruck from the side.

54 metres. This is one massive kick for Andy Goode. The strike is perfect though and it clears the posts.

Scrum down and yet again the referees whistle is blown. That whistle is ruling the scrum at the moment.

Simpson. Hauled down by Wallace. The referee’s arm is raised Robshaw came in off his feet. Goode ever reliable brings Wasps back into the game.

Quins now attacking through Yarde who’s offloaded to Hopper who’s ran a whole 15 metres there. Hughes piles in and he’s won the turnover. Simpson to Goode who flicks the ball out to Leiua and the ball been knocked on by the Samoan.

Harlequins dominate this scrum and the referee say penalty try to the Quins pack! Evans toe pokes it over the posts.

Evans. From 50m that has gone about 50m wide!!! Poor strike from the Kiwi.

Yarde on the attack offloading to Tikoratuma. Wasps has not been up to scratch in this game. Quinn have lost the ball and now Wasps attacking with Wade. Dragged down in the 22. Simpson to Hughes. The ball’s not coming and Hughes is penalised for not releasing. Evans clears his lines into touch.

Simpson, Goode, Leiua, Wade hammered by Hopper but the TMO does not like it and interferes. Hopper will be glad about this decision it’s only a penalty. The Wasps fans won’t like that decision or that Charlie Mathews is awarded MOTM.

Elliot Daly clears and Lowe come in for the charge down. Elliot Daly reacts and punches Lowe in the face twice. He’s in big trouble here. TMO again decides against the yellow card and this time, maybe it should have been a red.

Evans has the chance to bash away the bonus point here with the penalty. His kick sails wide though and Wasps have the bonus point in their hands. But they’re going for the draw with Wade who’s dropped the ball. Care clears the ball into touch for full time.



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