Monday 10th November 2014

Yesterday I went to Rugby Tonight the weekly BT Sport rugby show. I absolutely loved it and I was in for a MASSIVE surprise. As Ben Kay started his demo he asked for a scrum half and…


I caught the line out and then the even bigger surprise came. Ben Kay asked me to lead out England against South Africa this Saturday!!! I, obviously, said I would love to so now it stands that I am England Rugby Mascot!!!!

I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. That’s fantastic Henry. Well done. A mazing to see you on TV. Good luck on Saturday. We’ll be watching together with the rest of the world!!!!!!!
    Gradma & Grandad.

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  2. Was so exciting watching you on Rugby Tonight, Henry. We were all glued to the T.V.!! Looking forward to watching you lead out England on Saturday. Love The Pritchards

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  3. Enjoy every moment Henry! A lovely memory for you and your family! Love your blog! Well done! Family Collier from ‘up North’!! Xx

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  4. Henry have a really lovely day, Sarah Holly Gareth and Maisie are going with me to a pub to watch you! Good Luck sending you lots of love from nanny xxx


  5. Hi Henry i hope you have a great day your website is so cool im looking forward to watching you on the T.V!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck love Holly xxx


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