HI!!! My name is Henry Evetts. When I was 10 years old I got the opportunity to be the England Rugby mascot. I support Gloucester and love the passion of Kingsholm. My favourite players are Billy Meakes, Owen Farrell and Mike Brown. I also play for Tewkesbury Tigers and in my first season enjoyed great success as my team won the Gloucestershire County Cup.  I am CRAZY about Rugby. If you want to read about this weeks rugby come back every week to see my opinion about the games. Football is not ‘the beautiful game’, rugby is.

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  1. Hi Henry. We are very impressed with your website, and like your newspaper a lot with all your comments.
    Hope to meet up soon. Grandma.

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  2. Fantastic website Henry! You have worked very hard we will be watching rugby tonight and the England game on Saturday hope you enjoy it! From Charlie Kendrick

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  3. Fab website Henry! Very impressed! Also, all the Pritchards loved watching you on Rugby Tonight! Can’t wait to see you lead out the England team on Saturday. Well done. Auntie Sarah

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  4. Hi Henry, your blog is fabulous. I can see a wonderful career ahead for you. It’s insightful how much you know, record and remember. What a star. Well done. Rachel Peters 🙂 x

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